Y Lazy Y Shorthorns Heading

For Sale

YY Adam 294A
YY Adam 294A

His dam, sisters, and daughters are tremendous females.
He will turn 5 in June.

We also have 10 really good yearling bulls for sale.  Pictures or video will be forthcoming, or you can contact us for your needs.  All pertinent data has been collected.  These bulls are real “cow makers”.

We would like to thankfully acknowledge these customers:

Heather Haydock, Elk Point, Alberta
Dover, Irene, and Frankie Sindelar of Billings, MT
Steve Shelley of Lamedeer, MT
Dry Gulch Land and Cattle of Stevensville, MT
Bobby Dorvall of Fromberg, MT
Phillips Ranch of Sonora, TX
Cassy Tintzman of Corvallis, MT
Leroy Thorstad of Hoffman, MN
Jeff & Pam Schmitt, JR Ranch, Othello, WA
Tom & Virginia McMillan, McMillan Shorthorns, Lewistown, MT
Adam & Allison Donnelly, Donnelly Shorthorns, Clear Lake, WI
Cyril Gillette, COG Enterprises, Amby, WA
Kempfer Cattle Co., White Cloud, FL
Cady Lane Stock Farm, Wilson, WI
Monte & Ilene Montgomery, Charlo, MT
Wally & Mabel Klose, Diamond K Ranch, Twin Bridges, MT
Ray & Mike Berntson, Valley City, ND

We would also like to thankfully acknowledge Don Hardin
of Longview Farms in Iowa and Nathan Cunningham of Missouri for their business.