Y Lazy Y Shorthorns Heading

For Sale

We are offering the bulls featured below for sale by private treaty.

Click here to view the ultrasound data on the bulls above.
The yellow highlights are Coalpit Creek Leader 6th sons.

SOLD - We have these 11 yearling Shorthorn Heifers (below) for sale.  They will be able (and willing) to breed this spring.  These are moderate framed deep bodied females that will make excellent cows.  2 of these heifers are appendix registered, the rest asterisk free.  We will make a package deal if you take all which can include any of the remaining yearling bulls we have for sale at that time. - SOLD

SOLD - We individually weighed these fancy heifers on 2/26/16.  Their average yearling weight is 765 lbs., with an average frame score of 4.7, these heifers have never had a bite of grain in their lives.  They have been developed solely on pasture and hay through the winter.  You can see their overall “type” in the video.  They have been cycling regularly since October.  They have been vaccinated with Bovishield Gold FP, Covexin 8-way, and for brucellosis.  You won’t go wrong with any of them.  We are asking $1,600/head with papers, $1,400 without. - SOLD

We kept 18 head of these heifers last year that are bred the same way.  We bred some AI to a variety of Shorthorn bulls and then ran one of our own for cleanup.  14 have calved to date with the only assist being, one breech birth which was an easy one-handed operation.  I have also been extremely pleased with the instinctive mothering ability of these heifers!  Another great plus is their lack of aggressiveness towards me when I’m out making sure the calf is ok.

One other thing: For someone who may be wanting to see how our Shorthorn genetics work without the neighbors knowing, we also have 2 black half-sisters to the above.  These black heifers are of the same type/kind.  They are 7/8ths to 15/16ths Shorthorn with solid black hair coats.  We also have an unregistered roan heifer bred the same way as the blacks.  She is very well put together and has a unique “red blush” coloration throughout.  This must be due to the fact that her dam is a “blue” roan colored in much the same pattern.

The 2015 bull calves featured in the Youtube videos below will be available in the spring of 2016. As videoed, they had no grain and were running on pasture.  They are now at the University of Idaho’s Nancy M. Cummings research center near Salmon, Idaho.  They are being fed a high roughage diet and are being tested for feed efficiency with the Grow Safe system.  Complete performance data on these calves will be available in early 2016, and updated photos will be posted in early February.

To watch the Youtube videos, click on the respective players below.

We also have a good selection of 2014 bred heifers and 2015 heifer calves available.
Pictured below are a few of the 2015 heifers on pasture this summer.

We would also like to thankfully acknowledge Don Hardin
of Longview Farms in Iowa and Nathan Cunningham of Missouri for their business.

We would like to thankfully acknowledge these customers:

Heather Haydock, Elk Point, Alberta
Dover, Irene, and Frankie Sindelar of Billings, MT
Steve Shelley of Lamedeer, MT
Dry Gulch Land and Cattle of Stevensville, MT
Bobby Dorvall of Fromberg, MT
Phillips Ranch of Sonora, TX
Cassy Tintzman of Corvallis, MT
Leroy Thorstad of Hoffman, MN
Jeff & Pam Schmitt, JR Ranch, Othello, WA
Tom & Virginia McMillan, McMillan Shorthorns, Lewistown, MT
Adam & Allison Donnelly, Donnelly Shorthorns, Clear Lake, WI
Cyril Gillette, COG Enterprises, Amby, WA
Kempfer Cattle Co., White Cloud, FL
Cady Lane Stock Farm, Wilson, WI
Monte & Ilene Montgomery, Charlo, MT
Wally & Mabel Klose, Diamond K Ranch, Twin Bridges, MT
Ray & Mike Berntson, Valley City, ND