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     DRC 135M3 X
Sire: DRC 29M6
     DRC 6167UK X

     DRC 42C5
Dam: DRC 0114CH X
     DRC 6167UK

DOB: March 3, 2005
BW: 92 lbs.
WW (adj): 607 lbs.
YW (adj): 1062 lbs.
Mature Wt: 2100 lbs.
Mature Ht: 57 ”
Mature SC: 41 cm
Mature Fr: 5

DRC 101VM “Dover” for short, comes from the noted Sindelar Shorthorn herd (Dover Ranch Corporation) of Billings, MT.   These cattle have long been selected for their low birth weight, calving ease, and easy fleshing ability.  Dover Ranch Corporation is truly a low input operation featuring solid red, polled, moderate framed cattle.

Dover is proving to be a calving ease sire.  All his calves to date have been born unassisted and are very vigorous calves.  His calves, out of various dams, have had much lighter BW's than other well known sires have thrown on these same cows.  Semen is now available at $35/unit, $15/certificate.  (Commercial discount available).

With mixed emotions, we also would like to announce that we sold full possession and 1/2 semen interest in this sire to Jungels Shorthorn Farm in North Dakota and Shady Maple Farms in Illinois.

EPD 11 0.1 64 78 12 44 0
Acc 0.74 0.76 0.72 0.72 0.70 0.70

Maternal Performance Results

*MPPA in-herd ratio: Most Probable Producing Ability

Dam: Grandam (sire and dam): Maternal great-grandam:
5 calves 8 calves 11 calves
Avg BW: 83 lbs. Avg BW: 82 lbs. Avg BW: 92 lbs.
105+ MPPA 104+ MPPA 105+ MPPA

Masculinity and correctness is the only way to describe these moderate BW bulls by “Dover”.   We only keep the bulls that we would be happy to use ourselves.  These photos were taken 11/22/08.

Below are some DRC 101VM (Dover) daughters.
When the yearling heifers were scanned in 2010,
the data averages on his daughters were:
Ave age: 355 days
Ave weight: 835 lbs
Ave Fat: .37
Ave REA: 10.4
Ave IMF: 5.01
These heifers had been grown out on free choice meadow grass hay
and 5 lbs. of pelleted Wheat Midds.