Y Lazy Y Shorthorns Heading
Y Lazy Y program featured in Working Ranch Magazine

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We would like to express our thanks to the ASA Board of Directors and past recipients of the “Builder of the Breed” award for selection of this great honor.  It is a humbling experience to be so honored when I look back through the years and read the names of truly great breeders of Shorthorn Cattle.

Dan, Miriam, Ralph, Nancy Jane, and Thor Larson
L-R: Dan, Miriam, Ralph, Nancy Jane, & Thor Larson.

Our goal at Y Lazy Y Shorthorns is to produce trait balanced, low maintenance maternal genetics that will allow the commercial cow/calf producer to maximize his bottom line.  We select replacements for their ability to maintain body condition while still raising a big calf.  These are moderate framed cows that are sound, functional, calve easily, and that are docile.  Feed Efficiency and Temperament are highly important traits that are finally receiving the attention they merit.  I don’t think it comes as a surprise to those of us who spend a part of almost every day around our cattle that it is the calmer more docile cattle that perform the best whether on pasture or in the feed yard. It’s amazing how these high feed costs can make industry leaders re-evaluate what is important as far as genetic selection goes!

A significant number of cow/calf producers, seem to have forgotten the fact that Heterosis is the only “Free Ride” left for the commercial cattleman.  Some popular breeds have become so concentrated in their genetic makeup that the commercial man has nowhere within their popular breed to turn to in order to find unrelated bulls to use.  They find that when these cows are out-crossed to another breed, the returns on hybrid vigor are very significant.  In addition, when a two or three-way British cross cow is mated to a terminal sire, the best of both worlds is attained.

It has become almost sacrilegious for most cattlemen of today to produce anything but a black (or at least a solid colored) calf.  A concession we have made to this way of thinking has been to breed for mostly red cattle.  When our red bulls are used on homozygous black cows, the offspring will be black.  No one will know the difference except you and your bank account!  You will still find a few roan hides in our cow herd simply because they are too good of animals to be culled for having a different hair color.